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... in an all healthy way!


Unbelievable, what's going on in you right now. There are not enough words to describe the wonder of human development in the womb. From a single fertilized ovum to the birth of your child, a highly complex biological process that has been perfected over thousands of years completes a biological process that you will keep in your arms after 9 months.


From the determination of pregnancy to the introduction to a maternity unit, we help you according to the latest scientific standards and always according to the motto: it is a natural event, an intervention from the outside should be avoided if possible.


During pregnancy, we look after you carefully. The maternity guidelines determine the examination catalogue in pregnancy and thus provide a solid basis diagnostics. In addition, there are modern medical examinations, which we can offer you additionally.


Ultrasound examinations are carried out with high-resolution ultrasound devices (so-called high-end devices) in conjunction with many years of prenatal medical experience (DEGUM level II).

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We coordinate pregnancy care at any time to your individual situation and wishes. Of course, fathers are always welcome.

The prenatal examinations include up to the 32nd week of pregnancy at intervals of 4 weeks and then every two weeks thereafter.

  • Weight control

  • Blood pressure control

  • Urine control

  • Hemoglobin determination in the blood

  • Control of the state of the uterus

  • Control of the child's situation

  • Control of heart action

In addition, three ultrasound examinations are taken over by the statutory health insurance. Some health insurance companies offer special preventive programmes during pregnancy, please discuss this with your health insurance company. 


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Here you will find information on the maternity benefits lines on which our care is based. Information about prenatal diagnostics can be found here.

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