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Human Genetics

Why human genetic counselling?


Genetic counselling helps you to be clear about your own genetic risks or those of your offspring and, if necessary, to decide whether you wish further investigations to clarify the individual's risk.

It makes sense to seek genetic counselling before pregnancy if the family or yourself have already been diagnosed with a genetic disorder or are suspected of having a genetic disease.

In this case, please come with your partner and bring along all the relevant findings.


Furthermore, we recommend genetic counselling for an unfulfilled desire for children or after repeated miscarriages. Please come back with your partner in this case as well and bring relevant findings with you.


If necessary, further investigations must be arranged with both of you before you can discuss any increased risk.


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Genetic counselling is also useful, if - independently of pregnancy - for yourself from own or family diseases could result in risks, for example in one's own or familial tumours, thrombosis or metabolic diseases.


Where to turn when there is interest in genetic counselling?


If you need further information on the subject of "human genetics", if you have questions about our work or would like to receive expert advice on the diagnosis of genetic diseases, please contact us. In a personal conversation and extensive advice, we get a picture of your own medical history and that of your family members. We also explain the medical options, limitations and risks of prenatal diagnosis and - if necessary - carry out a physical examination.

Book an appointment for a detailed consultation!

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