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Many couples nowadays consciously and deliberately choose a child. Before pregnancy, there are some things that are important (like vaccinations). We are happy to help.


If no pregnancy occurs despite regular and unprotected intercourse, it is called an "unfulfilled desire to have a baby". About 15% of couples in Germany are unintentionally childless. There are numerous causes that can lead to a restriction of fertility in both the woman and the man.


Modern fertility treatment leads to a successful pregnancy in most couples. The therapeutic concept includes natural conception as well as assisted reproduction (artificial insemination). The chances of natural conception can be optimized by modern diagnostics and therapy. Another focus of our practice is the investigation of genetic causes of unwanted childlessness.


Fertility treatment in our practice begins with measures to support natural conception. For the exact determination of the ovulation day and thus the optimal time for the occurrence of pregnancy, we carry out a cycle monitoring (detailed cycle monitoring) as a first step in the fertility treatment. Here important hormone examinations are carried out in the first and second half of the cycle. In the middle of the cycle, ovulation maturation is monitored by ultrasound. In addition, we offer in our laboratory, the study of sperm quality (semen analysis).


Optionally, the examination of the fallopian tube function by means of ultrasound and an ultrasound contrast medium liquid (HYCOSY) can be carried out. Here, the permeability of the fallopian tubes is examined for oocytes and sperm.

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