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Laboratory for Human Genetics, Fertility and Reproductive Medicine


Gyn-Gen-Lehel is a specialized interdisciplinary practice for gynecology, obstetrics & human genetics. In our practice we have a modern laboratory for human genetics and reproductive medicine.


The range of services of the Human Genetic Laboratory includes:


Molecular genetic studies

different parameters for thrombophilia:

Factor V, factor II (prothrombin), MTHFR, PAI1, ACE

Protein S *, Protein C *, ATIII *

Infertility parameters: BMP15, GDF19, FSHR

Pharmacogenetic diagnostics: VKORC1

AZF diagnostics

CF diagnosis

AGS-diagnostics *

Polar body diagnostics with chip (CGH array)

Risk factors for endometriosis

Non-invasive prenatal diagnostic test procedures (eg Praena test)


Molecular cytogenetic studies

FISH (fluorescence in situ hybridization) rapid test


CGH (comparative more genomic hybridization)

Polar body diagnostics with FISH (fluorescence in situ hybridization) analysis


Cytogenetic studies (chromosome analysis)

(in cooperation with the Institute of Human Genetics of the TU Munich)

Chromosome analysis from lymphocytes

Chromosome analysis from amniotic fluid

Chromosome analysis from chorionic villi

Chromosome analysis from abortion material



The following services are offered by the reproductive medical laboratory:


MAR test

Density gradient centrifugation for ejaculate preparation

"swim-up" for ejaculate preparation



For more information on topics such as human genetics or reproductive medicine ask our staff of our laboratory at Gyn-Gen-Lehel in Munich.

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