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Gynecological consultation and examination


You would like to have a gynaecological examination carried out or take advantage of a gynaecological consultation by our practice in Munich? In our practice, you can come with all gynaecological and obstetric complaints and issues.


We carry out the routine as well as extended preventive examinations and specific examinations such as gynaecological-oncological, urogynecological or special obstetric disorders. Here you benefit from a network with other specialist practices and clinics. A special focus of the practice is the fertility treatment. Here we carry out a gynaecological-endocrinological, andrological and molecular-genetic clarification. We advise and treat you according to the latest scientific findings, possibly also in cooperation with other medical centers. For more information on the gynaecological examination, gynaecological consultation and topics such as genetic counselling or human genetics, please contact us.

Book an appointment for a detailed consultation!

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